Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Wine shops and bars (pubs for you) are plenty here. If you really want to let your hair down, many cities have pubs and discos like you know them back home. Be careful with people you choose to associate with. If you’re a couple or group, this can be real fun

Indian Scotch is cheaper and good, and many wine stores do stock imported scotch too, but it’s expensive. A Johnnie Walker Red Label can set you back by nearly rs.2000 ($ 50), and a bottle of Black Dog Scotch whisky can cost you in the region of rs.1300 ($ 33). Black and White is cheaper, and will cost you between rs.900 ($ 23) to rs.1100 ($ 28)

Many imported brands will cost you in the same range or more. If you like the idea, you could purchase a bottle outside, and enjoy it in the privacy your room. Peg system in India is expensive, and they won’t allow outside liquor, even if the pub is located in the hotel you’re staying in

Some well known brands of imported scotch are available freely in major cities and include Chivas Regal, Dewars, and Famous Grouse ($ 32). Jack Daniel’s top brand Silver retails for rs.6000 ($ 153), the vanilla version for rs.2800 ($ 71) and Glenmorangie, a single malt (10 years old) for rs.4200 ($ 107) - just to give you an idea of prices.

There are over 2000 brands of imported scotch available in India, but are very expensive. These are available at retail stores in Goa, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Kolkata. Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chivas Regal can cost about rs.550 ($ 14) for a shot at five star hotels

Indian scotch is good and much cheaper, with premium brands retailing around rs. 400 to rs. 700 ($10 to $18) for a bottle. Premium Scotch whisky brands in India include Royal Challenge, Signature and Peter Scott

Centenary is a premium brand in rum while khodays is cheaper. Seagram 100 Pipers and Teachers is bottled in the country and priced competitively

Indian and imported wines are also available

Major brands of beer like Heineken and fosters are freely available in India and not too expensive. Average cost is around rs.150 to rs.300 ($ 4 – $ 7.50) for a six pack. India’s largest selling beer; Kingfisher is exported to over 35 countries worldwide

Prohibition is in force in the north Indian state of Gujarat, but foreigners may acquire an easily available permit and drink at hotels where alcohol is served

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